Aluminium profiles in photovoltaic

Photovoltaic industry is the future of electric energy generated from renewable sources, such as sun. In the 21st century pro-ecological approach to every-day life and search for solutions which allow us to care for environment and which do not cause the stoppage of industry development are very important. The sun is now third in size renewable energy source, thanks to which we are able to effectively fight with the progression of environment degradation caused by human. The appropriate assembly of photovoltaic modules depends on the selection of high quality aluminium profiles as well as on end and middle clamps. Final S.A. offers comprehensive systems, thanks to which the assembly of solar panels is effective and durability of the whole installation is at best level. The unique design of structural elements is adjusted to the customer’s needs and they strictly follow guidelines covered by technical specification.

Profiles for the assembly of photovoltaic panels and their features

Aluminium profiles used to the assembly of photovoltaic panels accelerate the system assembly and provide various finish possibilities. Moreover, they decrease negative impact on environment. Their main features are:

  • easy and quick assembly
  • various profiles finish: raw, anodized, powder coated in the colour selected from the RAL range
  • the use of aluminium alloys with low carbon footprint, which significantly decreases environmental impact
  • 100% recyclable aluminium
  • fixing system manufactured in compliance with standards PN-EN-515 and PN-EN-573
  • optimum strength coefficient adjusted to the weight of solar panels
  • aluminium profiles system integrated with end and middle clamps
  • efficient ventilation
  • aluminium profiles adjusted to various types of metal sheets
  • possibility to assemble them on the roof with various inclination level

Aluminium photovoltaic clamps

Final S.A. offers full system for the assembly of photovoltaic panels, which is composed of aluminium assembly profiles as well as end and middle clamps. The manufactured clamps are available in two models adjusted to various types of screws:

  • opening for hex socket head screw M8 DIN 912
  • opening for screw M10

Photovoltaic installation on the roof

Free-standing photovoltaic installation