Machining of aluminium profiles

CNC machining is one of the many types of technological processes used for aluminium processing. This way we can provide additional functionality to the manufactured aluminium profiles used in many segments of the market.

Machine park of FINAL S.A. ensures comprehensive solutions, amongst others, 3, 4, and 5-axle machining centres, thanks to which we are able to meet requirements of most demanding sectors or clients. An additional benefit required to execute projects is highly specialized staff, who thanks to their experience is able to transform technical documentation in finished goods which meet all specified requirements.

Quality, timeliness, modern technological solutions as well as customer needs are priorities for Final. A wide range of services brings with it a lot of different for our clients:

  • significantly decreases production costs which is connected with avoiding the costs of specialized equipment or maintaining qualified staff
  • saves time
  • ensures comprehensive support during designing and implementing new products

Scope of machining of aluminium profiles

Final S.A. offers such processes as:

  1. Aluminium profiles cutting:
    • precise cutting
    • cutting at the angle
  2. CNC machining of aluminium profiles:
    • drilling
    • milling
    • threading
  3. Press works:
    • hole cutting
    • drifting shapes.