Aluminium fencing

Aluminium is used in many fields of industry, including those connected with our daily lives. Modern aluminium fencing has gained interest of many people in recent years. Aluminium profiles used for fencing are characterized not only by eye-catching appearance, but mainly by their strength and durability. Selecting appropriate finish, whether anodized or powder coated, guarantees high corrosion resistance, which is a very important factor in the case of fencing at the premises, thus influencing the appearance and aesthetic of the entire real estate. Thanks to innovative shapes and models, aluminium fencing cannot go unnoticed. Aluminium fencing fits well in public utility buildings or buildings of modern companies, but will also prove to be perfect to separate private space from the rest of the world becoming the showpiece of the house.

Final S.A. offers optimum solutions, which are connected not only with the manufacture of individual elements of aluminium fencing (spans profiles, frame profiles, aluminium plugs), but also with the possibility to give them the desired style, by carrying out anodizing and powder coating. Order performed from the beginning until its completion allows us to save time and minimize incurred costs.

Aluminium fencing and their benefits

Aluminium fencing gives virtually unlimited finishing possibilities in terms of colours. It is especially important for those who pay special attention to the aesthetics of every detail in the interior design. Additionally, aluminium fencing is extremely durable and resistant to unfavourable weather conditions. Main features of aluminium fencing manufactured by Final S.A. are:

  • aesthetic appearance of each element
  • modern design
  • no need for maintenance
  • freedom of colour selection (RAL colours and wood-like coatings)
  • quick and easy assembly
  • low weight of spans which gives lightness to the structure
  • 100% recyclable aluminium
  • sizes of aluminium spans tailored to the customer’s needs
  • availability of profiles wide from 80 to 200 mm

Wood-like aluminium fencing

Can aluminium fencing be used in buildings which body and finish do not resemble modernity? The possibility of choosing a wood-like coating makes aluminium spans universal, and they can fit well in designs which resemble manors. Additionally, aluminium wood-like fencing does not require much effort from their owners in order for the fencing to look as brand new after some years. Wood is a material which easily undergoes various weather conditions and thus require often maintenance. Aluminium, as mentioned before, is highly resistant to corrosion and does not require to be repainted or reimpregnated.

Aluminium fencing