Environment protection

Aluminium - environmentally friendly material

Aluminium is another, after iron, material that is most often used in the production process of various construction materials. Its popularity is due to the unique properties of the material, such as resistance to corrosion, lightness, and durability, as well as the fact that it can be easily recycled. Thanks to these features, aluminium is considered most environmentally friendly material of all raw materials.

Endless recycling of aluminium

Aluminium is a third element, after oxygen and silicon, in the earth's crust. Its resources are infinite, and it can be completely recycled. Thanks to this parameter, elements made of aluminium alloys can be easily recycled into new products. Recovery of this secondary resource decreases air contamination by 95% and water contamination by 97%. Aluminium can be recycled endlessly without any loss in properties, which results in significantly lower use of other natural resources, e.g., iron ores, coal, calcium, or water.

Decreasing carbon footprint

Using aluminium profiles in various branches, amongst others transportation industry or in shipyards decreased carbon footprint, which means that it limits CO2 penetration to air. Low weight of aluminium alloys decreases vehicles weight in public and private transport. This way, fuel consumption is significantly decreased, and the transportation means are much more economical end eco-friendly. The durability of aluminium and its resistance to corrosion translate to a long-term life span of manufactured products, which can be operated for years without changing their appearance. Aluminium is not toxic for people or environment. Its processing, such as cutting, forming, or welding, has no negative impact on human life, which is why aluminium profiles can be used in residential buildings.

Care for the natural environment is one of the key elements of THE INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT POLICY of Final S.A.

The basic instrument used in the realization of the Integrated Management Policy by the company is the Environment Management System certified in May 2004, which is compliant with requirements of standard PN-EN ISO 14001:2015.

One of the fundamental tasks performed within the frameworks of the Environment Management System are continuous monitoring and close supervision of identified environmental aspects, as well as minimizing their negative impact on the environment.

In November 2004, the company received “PANTHEON POLSKIEJ EKOLOGII” [POLISH ECOLOGY PANTHEON] award, which is awarded by the Minister of Environment and the President of the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification.

In January 2007 the company Final S.A. won the award at the 1st edition of the ecology contest “Firma Bliska Środowisku” [The Company Close to Environment], of which honorary patronage was taken by the Minister of Environment. The quality of the management of environmental aspects and consequently realized pro-ecological strategy were appreciated by the Competition Jury, which resulted in awarding Final S.A. an additional honorary mention for considering ecology factors in managing the company’s goodwill.