Recruitment process

Ocena nadesłanych dokumentów aplikacyjnych

Stage 1
Review of the received application documents

During the first recruitment stage, we verify the received applications reviewing their compliance with our expectations towards the candidates. We assess qualifications and professional experience individuals who wish to work with is.

Wywiad telefoniczny

Stage 2
Phone call interview

We contact selected candidates. We will call you if your qualifications and experience meet requirements defined in the job offer. During a short phone call, we will want to learn more about your professional needs, competencies, experience, availability, and financial expectations.

Spotkanie rekrutacyjne

Stage 3
Job interview

Selected candidates will be invited to a job interview, which, depending on the availability of the candidate and nature of the position, may be carried out online or in person at the company’s headquarters. The job interview is participated by a person from the HR Department and a direct superior. During the interview, we will talk, amongst others, about your motivation to work, current work experience, projects which you executed, and expectations towards a new employer. Depending on the job position you apply for, the Assessment Centre method may be carried out.


Stage 4

Following job interviews, we decide on the selection of a candidate and we provide feedback to all the candidates. If you are selected, we will contact you to discuss details of employment and to finalize formalities.

Witamy w zespole

Stage 5
Welcome to the team

We wish the Yawal Group to be the best workplace and place for development, which is why we care for a stable employment, as well as a friendly and safe work environment. We work as a team and we want you to quickly adapt to a new workplace. You will be assigned a person to help you during the onbroading process, learn about our organization, and efficiently go through induction process.