Aluminium profile anodising is strictly supervised in FINAL S.A., in accordance with Qualanod requirements, to guarantee the quality of produced anode layers. The quality of anode layers is confirmed with QUALANOD quality mark, certificate no. 1802.

Production possibilities

1 million m2 anode layers a year. Anode layer thickness from 5 µm to 25 µm, as a client requires and depending on the colour of selected layer.

We offer colour from natural one, through olive, champagne, bronze to almost black. The length of anodised elements is to 7000 mm. The length of tag tracks to 30 mm on each side of the profile.

Final Anodowanie

Profile surface processing

Before anodising, aluminium profiles may undergo mechanical surface processing in the form of sond blusting, at the same time offering clients the possibility of application of a new, highly decorative profile surface.

Final Anodowanie