FINAL has been present on the market since 1998. Our first manufacturing plant was constructed in Dąbrowa Górnicza, in the area of Katowice Special Economic Zone, in the direct vicinity of Zakłady Koksownicze "Przyjaźń".

The actual construction started in February 1999 and lasted until the autumn of the same year.
In consequence, a modern, multi-functional building was constructed, which houses three production halls, offices and production facilities.

As early as in the summer of 1999, the installation of a modern production line for the extrusion of aluminium profiles of the Spanish tycoon GIA started in one of the production halls. The first test aluminium profiles were manufactured in September 1999, and the regular production of aluminium profiles started after the technical start-up in October.

In line with the start-up of the extrusion line, an investment consisting in the construction and start up of an anodizing plant commenced. The start-up of the anodizing plant took place in October 2001 and since then we have been able to offer our Customers not only extruded profiles, but also services related to the surface finishing of aluminium products.

The next investment was the simultaneous construction of a new hall, where currently the finished goods warehouse is located, and the purchase and installation of the second extrusion line for the production of precise profiles with stricter quality and size parameters. Both investments were launched at the beginning of 2005 and their commissioning took place in December of the same year.

In order to provide our Customers with comprehensive services, some facilities in the new warehouse were transformed into a machining centre. It started to operate in the spring of 2006. A CNC machine tool and two double head saws were bought for the centre, which permits us to complete practically any order related to mechanical processing and profile cutting. We are constantly developing the prefabrication department by enlarging our machine park to ensure the supply of finished goods to our Customers.

Our next investment consisted in the purchase of Vision H300 scanner in December 2006, which is a modern device for precise measurements of the geometry of profile cross-sections. Combined with adequate software, this device enables a strict control of the shape and tolerance of the manufactured aluminium profiles with regard to customer requirements provided on technical drawings of aluminium profiles approved by them.

In 2013, Final took over the management of a plant manufacturing aluminium profiles located in Herby Częstochowa. Since then, we have become even more flexible in terms of the requirements of our Customers thanks to the optimization of the management of tool shops in both locations. Since we are able to shift production orders from one location to the other, we can adapt order completion times to the needs of our Customers even better.

In April 2014, we took the decision to start a new investment connected with the upgrade of press 6" to press 7". This decision was based on the analysis of the needs of our Customers and the market situation.

In line with our company's development strategy included in our Integrated Management System Policy, we constantly strive to expand our offer for Customers. We develop our production capacity and the quality of our products to improve our offer and enter new segments of the market of aluminium products.